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Christening of George Hayden,taken about April 1910

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This Woolvett Family History site is the evolution of my Family History study, in tracing my family history I became interested in the origins of the Woolvett name, in comparison to other names Woolvett is fairly rare.

Apart from a few that I am still working on, most Woolvett's worldwide are related.
Here in Australia persons with the Woolvett name can be counted on one hand, although Woolvett's did arrive here as early as the 1860's but unfortunately the female offspring had stronger genes.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Woolvett Origins
According to the book "Dictionary of British Surnames" the original spelling of Woolvett was either Ulviet or Ulfiet,mentioned in the Doomsday book of 1086, the name is Anglo-Saxon meaning Great Wulf.

feature 2 Canadian/American Branch
In the late 1890's and early 1900's some members of the Woolvett family decided to move away from London and Essex.

feature 3 Chilean Branch
Percy Ethelbert Woolvett born in March 1884, the son of Saines Woolvett set sail for Chile sometime between 1901-1918.He was the pioneer of the Chilean Woolvett branch. .

burgess family The Burgess Family of Kirby Le Soken
For almost a hundred years the Burgess family were wheelwrights in Kirby-le-Soken. Choosing the right oak, elm and ash. Cutting and storing it till it was properly seasoned and ready to put to use in making and repairing wagons, carts and wheelbarrows including of course the all important wheel.

feature 4 All Saints Church, Brightlingsea, Essex.
All Saints is the Birth/Marriage and Burial place for many Woolvett's and other relatives, although a lot of the headstones have disappeared.

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