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Status: Located

Media TitleHeadstone
Media NotesBuried 13th Feb 1892
Owner/SourceBrian Woolvett
PlaceAll Saints Church, Brightlingsea, Essex, England
Linked toJohn Joseph Woolvett (Burial)

All Saints Church, Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Notes: Many Woolvett's and other relatives from Brightlingsea and the surrounding areas were Baptised, Married and Buried here.

All Saints Church

Cemetery Photos

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1Benjamin Wenlock and his wife Jessie Benjamin Wenlock and his wife Jessie
Buried at All Saints Brightlingsea, May 1897 and June 1912 
2Eliza Jennings & Emily Eliza Jennings & Emily
3Eliza Jennings & Emily Ann Woolvett Eliza Jennings & Emily Ann Woolvett
4Elizabeth Woolvett (Wrinch) Elizabeth Woolvett (Wrinch)
Died 26th July 1905 
5Headstone Headstone
Possibly 1912 but inscription hard to read. 
6Headstone Headstone
Died 6th May 1962 & 11th Apr 1978 
7Headstone Headstone
Buried 13th Feb 1892 
8Headstone Headstone
Died 27th Dec 1889 
9Headstone Headstone
Buried 8th February 1913 
10Headstone Headstone
MI reads Susannah beloved wife of Arthur Cook who fell asleep Sep 16 1899 aged 50 years,also her mother Susannah the beloved wife of Harry Woolvett who fell asleep 21 April 1897 aged 76. 
11Headstone Headstone
12Headstone Headstone
13Headstone Headstone
14Headstone Headstone
Wife of Walter Arnold Woolvett 
15Headstone Headstone
Wife of Walter Arnold Woolvett 
16Headstone Headstone
Grave Inscription Read

Entered into rest 13 Feb 1892 aged 78 years ------- Also Sarah Ann His beloved wife Entered into rest 10th July 1890 aged 73 years ------- Her end was peace ------- Afflictions sore long time they bore Physicians were in vain Till God did please to give them ease And free them from their pain. 
17Headstone Headstone
18Headstone Headstone
19Headstone Headstone
Susannah and her Mother Susanna Harriss 
20Headstone Headstone
21Headstone - Broader View Headstone - Broader View
All Saints Brightlingsea, Buried 8 April 1939 and 9 Jan 1940 
22John Woolvett John Woolvett
Buried 1st September 1850 
23Joseph Woolvett Joseph Woolvett
Buried 2nd March 1809 
24Mary Ann Woolvett Mary Ann Woolvett
Died 2nd September 1891 
25Nora Daphne Pannell Nora Daphne Pannell
Died 22nd December 1996 
26Patricia May Pannell Patricia May Pannell
Died 9th June 1984 
27Samuel Woolvett Samuel Woolvett
Buried 5th March 1903 
28Susan Woolvett (Parsons) Susan Woolvett (Parsons)
Buried 6th January 1803 

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