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Brightlingsea, Essex, England



County/Shire : Latitude: 51.8104197222222, Longitude: 1.02868


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Arthur  1879Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2967
2 Andrews, Teddie  1888Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2969
3 Andrews, Thomas  1891Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2968
4 Bennett, Edward  Abt 1857Brightlingsea, Essex, England I367
5 Bennett, Eliza  Abt 1826Brightlingsea, Essex, England I361
6 Bennett, Eliza  Abt 1855Brightlingsea, Essex, England I366
7 Bennett, Robert  Abt 1851Brightlingsea, Essex, England I364
8 Bennett, Sarah  1818Brightlingsea, Essex, England I7
9 Bennett, William  Abt 1853Brightlingsea, Essex, England I365
10 Birch, Jack  Abt 1884Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1892
11 Bragg, Alfred  1860Brightlingsea, Essex, England I87
12 Bragg, Frederick Joseph  Abt 1840Brightlingsea, Essex, England I83
13 Bragg, John  1806Brightlingsea, Essex, England I77
14 Bragg, Mary Ann  Abt 1838Brightlingsea, Essex, England I80
15 Bragg, Susannah  Abt 1843Brightlingsea, Essex, England I82
16 Bragg, William Henry  Abt 1840Brightlingsea, Essex, England I81
17 Button, Emily  1856Brightlingsea, Essex, England I429
18 Button, Frederick  1844Brightlingsea, Essex, England I4257
19 Button, Sarah  1847Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3846
20 Chaplin, James Henry  Abt 1856Brightlingsea, Essex, England I4109
21 Copsey, James  Abt 1818Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1075
22 Copsey, Sarah  2 Nov 1856Brightlingsea, Essex, England I313
23 Death, Phyllis Kate  Mar 1894Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1074
24 Death, Roland  30 Apr 1897Brightlingsea, Essex, England I4107
25 Field, Ada Emily  11 Nov 1875Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1362
26 Goff, Captain William Marrington  5 Jul 1842Brightlingsea, Essex, England I582
27 Goreham, Agnes May  1883Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2416
28 Goreham, Doris  1906Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2415
29 Goreham, Edward Thomas Pope  1886Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2418
30 Goreham, Lillie A  1893Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1826
31 Goreham, Nellie Madge  1899Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2417
32 Goreham, William Henry Bevan  10 Jul 1873Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2422
33 Goreham, Woolvett  1879Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2407
34 Grimsey, James Thomas Gilders  1849Brightlingsea, Essex, England I375
35 Hastead, Agnes Violet  1872Brightlingsea, Essex, England I332
36 Hedgethorne, James  3 Aug 1834Brightlingsea, Essex, England I570
37 Kerridge, Wellesley (Harry)(Harvey)  Abt 1876Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1309
38 Kerridge, Wellesley Harvey Ivor  22 Jul 1919Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2454
39 King, Kenneth Thomas  13 Jun 1918Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3226
40 King, Thomas Alfred  1885Brightlingsea, Essex, England I585
41 Layzell, Albert Edward  19 Apr 1840Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1080
42 Layzell, Bertie Frederick  17 Nov 1882Brightlingsea, Essex, England I135
43 Layzell, Edward  Dec 1802Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1029
44 Lee, Charlotte  1828Brightlingsea, Essex, England I4588
45 Maskell, Charlotte  Abt 1842Brightlingsea, Essex, England I158
46 Maskell, Emma M  Abt 1877Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3823
47 Maskell, George  Abt 1847Brightlingsea, Essex, England I159
48 Maskell, George William  Abt 1868Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1428
49 Maskell, William  Abt 1845Brightlingsea, Essex, England I157
50 Patrick, Nancy Jean  6 Jun 1917Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2550

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Button, Emily  23 Nov 1856Brightlingsea, Essex, England I429
2 Gray, Jessie  17 Jun 1838Brightlingsea, Essex, England I141
3 Talmage, Martha  4 Jan 1818Brightlingsea, Essex, England I61
4 Taylor, Phoebe Ann  4 Jun 1848Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3486
5 Wenlock, Benjamin Christopher  26 Jul 1795Brightlingsea, Essex, England I137
6 Wenlock, Charles  24 Jul 1791Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1250
7 Wenlock, Sarah Seaman  19 Jan 1786Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1251
8 Woolvett, Arnold Goff  21 Feb 1896Brightlingsea, Essex, England I124
9 Woolvett, Herbert Reginald  19 Aug 1920Brightlingsea, Essex, England I623
10 Woolvett, Honor Phoebe  22 Nov 1899Brightlingsea, Essex, England I123
11 Woolvett, Luke  1856Brightlingsea, Essex, England I115
12 Woolvett, Maude Constance  18 Oct 1892Brightlingsea, Essex, England I122
13 Woolvett, Walter Arnold  17 Jun 1866Brightlingsea, Essex, England I120


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Martha Maria  21 Dec 1888Brightlingsea, Essex, England I4560
2 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann  6 Jan 1940Brightlingsea, Essex, England I453
3 Bragg, Florence Alicia  31 Mar 1915Brightlingsea, Essex, England I89
4 Bragg, Susannah  Apr 1920Brightlingsea, Essex, England I82
5 Burton, Jane  16 May 1943Brightlingsea, Essex, England I588
6 Button, Emily  8 Aug 1933Brightlingsea, Essex, England I429
7 Copsey, James  15 Feb 1895Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1075
8 Goff, Phoebe Ann  24 Apr 1905Brightlingsea, Essex, England I121
9 Goff, Captain William Marrington  Nov 1911Brightlingsea, Essex, England I582
10 Gray, Jessie  16 Jun 1912Brightlingsea, Essex, England I141
11 Harris, Susanna (Sarah)  21 Apr 1897Brightlingsea, Essex, England I31
12 Kerridge, Wellesley (Harry)(Harvey)  8 Mar 1963Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1309
13 King, Thomas Alfred  19 Dec 1932Brightlingsea, Essex, England I585
14 Layzell, Edward  9 Jan 1845Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1029
15 Letch, Sarah  25 Feb 1863Brightlingsea, Essex, England I321
16 Ruffell, Joseph  2 Mar 1917Brightlingsea, Essex, England I452
17 Taylor, Phoebe Ann  2 Oct 1896Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3486
18 Taylor, Thomas Jonathan  7 Nov 1861Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1925
19 Thrower, Martha Maria  Feb 1870Brightlingsea, Essex, England I119
20 Thrower, Robert Thomas  11 Jun 1891Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3309
21 Tranham, Caroline  27 Dec 1890Brightlingsea, Essex, England I99
22 Wenlock, Benjamin  29 Apr 1897Brightlingsea, Essex, England I139
23 Woolvett, Agnes  Oct 1935Brightlingsea, Essex, England I117
24 Woolvett, Burke  5 Apr 1939Brightlingsea, Essex, England I118
25 Woolvett, Daniel  24 Oct 1862Brightlingsea, Essex, England I289
26 Woolvett, Edwin Lewis  1904Brightlingsea, Essex, England I333
27 Woolvett, Edwin Thomas  26 Jan 1933Brightlingsea, Essex, England I329
28 Woolvett, Elizabeth  1858Brightlingsea, Essex, England I296
29 Woolvett, Emily Ann  18 Oct 1889Brightlingsea, Essex, England I330
30 Woolvett, Goff  Dec 1893Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2902
31 Woolvett, John Burke  6 May 1962Brightlingsea, Essex, England I454
32 Woolvett, John Burke  22 Jan 2005Brightlingsea, Essex, England I457
33 Woolvett, Lorna  10 Nov 1928Brightlingsea, Essex, England I132
34 Woolvett, Mark  26 Mar 1936Brightlingsea, Essex, England I114
35 Woolvett, Priscilla  31 Jan 1922Brightlingsea, Essex, England I9
36 Woolvett, Samuel  13 Jun 1859Brightlingsea, Essex, England I20
37 Woolvett, William  24 Jan 1855Brightlingsea, Essex, England I318
38 Woolvett, William Thomas  8 Sep 1918Brightlingsea, Essex, England I322
39 Woolvitt, George  18 Jun 1857Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2980


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Goff, Captain William Marrington  13 Nov 1911Brightlingsea, Essex, England I582
2 Hedgethorne, Eliza Ann  16 Nov 1836Brightlingsea, Essex, England I571
3 Woolvett, James  10 Feb 1792Brightlingsea, Essex, England I59
4 Woolvett, Sarah Ann  22 Apr 1849Brightlingsea, Essex, England I323


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprenticeship    Person ID 
1 Woolvett, Edward  1 Apr 1864Brightlingsea, Essex, England I427


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Richardson, Selina  1851Brightlingsea, Essex, England I85

Marriage Licence

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage Licence    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Mary Ann  Brightlingsea, Essex, England I283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Notes    Person ID 
1 Woolvett, Joseph  1809Brightlingsea, Essex, England I18


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Edward  1891Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1894
2 Day, Thomas  1846Brightlingsea, Essex, England I576
3 Monk, Thomas  1866Brightlingsea, Essex, England I1766
4 Pammett, Thomas  1871Brightlingsea, Essex, England I594
5 Ruffell, Ambrose  1846Brightlingsea, Essex, England I441
6 Ruffell, George  1851Brightlingsea, Essex, England I443
7 Ruffell, William  1862Brightlingsea, Essex, England I451
8 Ruffell, William  1862Brightlingsea, Essex, England I450
9 Steward, George  1870Brightlingsea, Essex, England I368
10 Thrower, Robert Thomas  1863Brightlingsea, Essex, England I3309
11 Wenlock, William Thomas  1861Brightlingsea, Essex, England I93
12 Woolvett, George Henry  1842Brightlingsea, Essex, England I4
13 Woolvett, Joseph  1845/1851Brightlingsea, Essex, England I287
14 Woolvett, Saines  Brightlingsea, Essex, England I112
15 Woolvett, Walter Arnold  1901Brightlingsea, Essex, England I120
16 Woolvitt, George  Bef 1857Brightlingsea, Essex, England I2980


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gray, Jessie  1859Brightlingsea, Essex, England I141
2 Wenlock, Benjamin  1859Brightlingsea, Essex, England I139


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Woolvett, Joseph  6 Apr 1809Brightlingsea, Essex, England I18


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goff / Taylor  9 Feb 1867Brightlingsea, Essex, England F815
2 Goreham / Bevan  31 Aug 1871Brightlingsea, Essex, England F771
3 Layzell / Barker  12 Jun 1797Brightlingsea, Essex, England F537
4 Martin / Woolvett  13 Oct 1897Brightlingsea, Essex, England F62
5 Smith / Field  5 Oct 1898Brightlingsea, Essex, England F557
6 Stephenson / Smith  16 May 1921Brightlingsea, Essex, England F558
7 Woolvett / Webb  4 Oct 1919Brightlingsea, Essex, England F193