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How do I find my way around this site?

How do I search for a person?

How is data displayed?

Why is some Information hidden?

Getting Access to the Website?

How do i register as a user?

Can I view Dates and Anniversaries?

How can I find places in the tree?

Site Navigation

On the left of every page is the Navigation Menu, The option bar appears when you select an individual person, and allows you to view ancestors, descendants, Relationships and timelines associated with that person.

Basic Search

To find people in the database, use the search box, which can be found to the top left of every screen on the site. You can search by either last name or first name. Searches are intelligent, you can enter a full name or a part of, all instances with your selection will be displayed.

If too many results are displayed, refine your search by using the Advanced Search page, which is located in the links just below the search box

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search page allows you to search by more that just First & Last names; you can filter by name, place, dates, gender and spouse details.

By using the dropdown boxes the selection of names and places can be filtered by options such as contains, starts with, ends with, or sounds like.

Likewise dates can be filtered by options such as equals, greater than, less than, + or - 5 years etc

The link to the advanced search page can be found towards the top of the red navigation bar on each page.


The surnames screen allows you to search all surnames either by the first character of the surname or by selecting from the most popular surnames.


The forenames screen allows you to search all forenames either by the first character of the forename or by selecting from the most popular forenames.

Navigating Between the Different Views

This option bar appears near the top of each page, when viewing an individuals details. The top row of tabs allows you to view the individual, their ancestors & descendants, the relationship of this individual to another, a suggest button to enable you to send me a message if you spot any errors or have some additional information. The bottom row provides additional options based on the item selected on the top row.

Personal Information

This shows the main details page, where all the main information is displayed.

The screen will also display a map (if the coordinates have been entered into the database) and any photos or documents are shown.

Links from here take you to parents and the children of the person you are viewing, if applicable.

Any media related to the person is displayed as a link or thumbnail image at the bottom of the page. By clicking the link or thumbnail you can view the full size picture or read the document.

Items relating to living individuals, and full personal details, are hidden unless you have an account, and are logged on.

The bottom row of the navigation bar allows you to filter the display to just show either, the personal information, the notes for the person, all items, or to create a PDF of the information shown.


This option displays a persons ancestors in a family tree type display. You can change the number of generations and how the tree is displayed by using the options in the bottom row of the option bar.


The descendants screen provides a tree view and options similar to the ancestor view.



The relationships page allows you to determine the relationship between two people. You will need the ID numbers of the individuals concerned, which can be found on the Individuals page, or by clicking the find button..


Shows the years the selected person lived, along with a list of events that happened throughout the world during these years. Hovering over the red bar will show details of marriages and children related to the selected person. If you click Add People button, you can add other people from the tree to the timeline. (You will need to know the persons ID number, which can be obtained from the Individual page)

Ancestor Map

Available from the option bar under Ancestors, is the ability to view the location of Birth, Marriage, Death and Census locations of a persons immediate ancestors on a Google Map.


Suggest allows you to email me comments, suggestions or corrections to information in the tree.

Why can't I see some of the Information?

You may find some screens display the comment: 'At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld.'

This is to protect the privacy of living individuals. If you are a family member or have a specific reason, please apply for a login and I will give you an account that will let you see more information from the website.

How do i register for an account?

Click here to apply for a login.

I will only issue user accounts to those who are, or who may be, related to individuals in the family trees. When registering for an account, please give me as much information as possible so I can see where you fit into the tree.

Find Dates

You can find out what happened on a certain date by selecting the "Dates and Anniversaries" page. Here you can search for details of what happened on a particular day, the results will be shown below the selection criteria.


The calendar page lists all events for the selected month. This can be filtered by events (e.g. Births, Burials etc)

Places List

This pages lists all the places in the tree. You can search for locations by the first letter of the place name, select from the largest localities or you can enter the place name in the search box.

Whichever method you choose takes you to a further list screen described below:

Clicking the magnifying glass icon takes you to the place page for that location, which lists the people with events at the location (e.g. Births or Census events). If the geo-codes been entered a Google Map will also be displayed.