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In the late 1890's and early 1900's some members of the Woolvett family decided to move away from London and Essex, Walter Arnold Woolvett (b.June 1866) arriving in 1897, he must have returned to England as he was on the SS New York arriving in Canada in 1899, (the manifest showing he had been 2 years before), his youngest daughter Honor Phoebe would have been 8 months old, he was listed as a seaman and heading for New York.

Maurice Woolvett (b.April 1890) arrived in CANADA about 1907 and was joined not long after by his brother William, they were living in Arkona and William was working for the "Rock Glen Power Co" who were looking for a Handyman/Engineer, William suggested his father William who arrived in June 1914, Williams wife Susannah Wright and the children arrived April 1915 on the ship "Hesperion" [which was sunk by a torpedo on it's next voyage] to Arkona. Since then the Woolvett's have grown considerably in Canada.

Vivian Woolvett went off to NEW YORK in 1893 where he served in the US Navy from 1897-1902, he then became a Fireman with the New York Fire Department remaining with them for the next 20 years. Thomas became a US citizen on August 5th 1901. His descendants now live in Florida.