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Female - 1586

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  • Name Ellen  
    Gender Female 
    Reference Number AA37
    Died 1586
    Ellen Woolvet Will 1587
    Ellen Woolvet Will 1587
    [D/ABW 40/99 1587] Ellen Wolvet:

    In the name of god Amen I Ellen Wolvet late wief of John Woolvet of Manningtre in the countie of Essex Tailor decased beinge in my pure widoweheade and ordaine this my presente testament contaynine my last will of all that my messuage and tenement recited and specified in a certaine dede of feoffment by me made to John Brande Richard Pike Tho.Backler and Joachin Kinge as by the same dede bereinge date the daie of the dait of theis presentes whereunto this my presente testament annexed more plainelie doe and maie appeare And also of all those my moveable goodes householde stuffe and ymplementes of howseholde whatsoeuer now in the proper possession of me the said Ellen

    Firste I will that the said Feoffers and there heires and all other person
    and personns wch. beine or shalbe seased of the premisses and of euerie
    parte thereof shall stande and be seased by vertue of the said dede of and
    in the premisses and of euerie parte and parcel] thereof to the vses
    purposes and ententes hereafter in theis presentes mencioned and declared
    and to none other vses purposes and ententes That is to saie to the vse
    of me the said Ellen duringe my lief natural] without ympechement of any
    mannor of waist and after my decease then to the vse of the said feoffes
    and there heires to the intent that the said feoffers or the suruivors of
    them and there heires shall and may lawfullie for the highest price they
    can sell allen and convey awaie by theire dede or dedes enrowled or
    otherwyse all the same messuage wth. the appertenances by due order and
    forme of lawe to any mannor of person or personns and there heires And
    that all suche monye as shall or maie come arise or accrewe by and vpon
    the sale of the same messuage shalbe distributed and equallie paide porcion
    and porcion alike to and amonge John Wollvet Edmunde Woolvet Elizabeth
    wief of Edwarde Blunt of Colchester and Agnes the wief of Christopher
    Cooke my children

    Item I will yt. yf any of my said children die and decease before the sale be made that then the parte or porcion of him or her so deceased to remaine and discende to the heire or heires of him or hir so deceased

    Item I will that yf any of my children shalbe mynded at the tyme of the sale and the alienacion of the same howse to buye the same That then they or any of them so minded shall haue the preferment of the purchase yerof before any other yealdinge and paieinge therefore so muche monye as any other wolde for the same And further I geve vnto the said feoffers and the suruivors of them or any of them full poore righte and aucthoritie to make demise acknowledge enseale and deliuer all suche goode sufficient and lawfull writinges and assurances in the lawe as shall or maie be deuised or aduised by the byer or purchaser of the same messuage with clause of warrantes against them and there heires

    Also I will that my said children that is to saie John Wolvet Edmunde Wolvet and Edwarde Blunte and Xpofer Cooke shall yerelie from tyme to tyme duringe the natural] lief of me the said Ellen betwene them equallie paie and distribute suche somes of monie as shalbe nedefull and necessarie to be bestowed in and aboute the nedefull reparacion of the said howse and tenemente and euerie parcel] thereof in consideracion whereof I geve and bequeathe vnto the said John Woolvet my sonne one flockebed with a bolster thereunto belonginge and also one blanket one pare of sheetes one shete of holland and the other of Canvas with one couerlet wch. I haue defluered hirri alceadie

    Item I geve vnto the said John my sone one pewter platter and one sawser and one table and a forme standinge in the hall Also I geve vnto him my greatest ketle wch. is vnbounde and one candlesticke of latten my little newe chare and half a dozen of rounde trenchers

    Item I geve vnto Edmunde Wolvet my sonne one flocke bed and the bedsteadles standinge on the Chamber elce soller next the streete with one bolster one pare of corse sheetes and a couerlet Item I geve vnto the said Edmunde my seconde ketle that is vnbounde and one small ketle one frieinge pann a latten candlesticke and a chare that I bought of Salmons wief

    Item I geve vnto Agnes Wolvet the daughter of my sonne Edmunde Woolvet one pewter platter and a pewter sawser

    Item I geve vnto my daughter Elizabeth the wief of Edward Blunt of Colchester one flocke bed two pillowes and two pillowbers and ye standinge bedsteadle on the other soller one copper kettle one bowle contayninge a pecke my best latten candlesticke one bushel] pot my greate brasse pot and the pothookes to them one pewter platter one sawser a litle chaire and a buffet stoole

    Item I geve vnto my daughter Agnes the wief of Xpofer Cooke my ioyned cobberd standinge in the hall Item I geve vnto the said Agnes one litle brasse pott with the pot hookes my best flocke bedd with the bedsteadles in the chamber and one couerlet a bolster one pillowe one pare of older blancketes one paire of sheetes the one of holland the other of canvas the greate tray one latten candlesticke half a dozen of white trenchers one pewter dishe and a pewter sawser my greate chaire and a small ketle

    Item I geve vnto my two sonnes John and Edmunde all my netes yf I leave any behinde me at the daie of my deathe to be equallie deuided and parted betwene them, allwaies prouided that yf it shall happen any of my children shall happen to die or decease before they haue receiued there legacie of moveable goodes by me to them geven and bequeathed Then I will that the parte or porcion of him or hir so deceased shall remaine and fall or discende to the heire or heires of him or hir so deceased

    Item I geve vnto James Cooke the sonne of Xpofer Cooke by Agnes my daughter one yren drippinge pann and a pewter saltseller

    And further I ordaine and make Edmunde Wolvet and Xpofer Cooke my executors of this my presente testament conteyninge my last will to exequute the same and distribute the legacies before geven accordinge to this effecte tenure entent and trewe meaninge of this my presente testament

    And lastlie my ente[nt] is that yf at the daie of my deathe and departure oute of this worlde I shall happen to have any moveable goodes or howseholde stuffe in theis presentes not mencioned geven nor bequeathed either then in the custodie of me the said Ellen or the kepeinge of any other my debtes paide my funeral] rites accomplished my legacies performed and in euerie respecte to this my presente testament trulie exequuted that they be equallie distributed by my said executors to and amonge my saide children John Wolvet Edmund Wolvet Elizabeth Blunte and Agnes Cooke or to theires of them yf they shall happen any of them to departe this lief before the said porcion be had made or ..

    In Witnesse whereof I haue to this presente laste will and testament sette my seale subscribed my name in the presence of those whose names are hereunder written dated the xvth. of Maie anno domini 1581 in the yeare of the Reigne of our most drede soueraigne ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of Englande Fraunce and Ireland queene defendor of the faithe the xxiij

    Enocke Moore Roberte Birde William Haruie

    per me Samuele Moore

    Ellen Wolvet hir marke

    [Proved 27th October 1587 by the executors. Inventory valued at
    Ellen Woolvet Will: 1587 Part 2
    Ellen Woolvet Will: 1587 Part 3
    Buried 19 Feb 1586 Mistley, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I1884 main
    Last Modified 28 Jul 2015 

    Family John Woolvett
              d. Bef 1587, Manningtree, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Children 4 children 
    Last Modified 14 Aug 2009 
    Family ID F586 Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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